The. Best. Volunteers.

Three Cheers for Hope4Justice Volunteers

They're simply the best!

Several Hope4Justice volunteers faithfully work behind the scenes on various tasks.  They do it without fanfare and without seeking recognition.  They are an integral part to our ongoing efforts to increase awareness about trafficking and working with our partners.

Alysa has been posting Hope4Justice tweets since last fall.  Anne-Mariecoordinates with us to put together and send out  the weekly prayer letter for Engedi Refuge Ministries.  Jasmine helps with various website tasks and Jennifer has been regularly posting on our Facebook page. 

In this electronic age, volunteers don't have to live close by to be involved with Hope4Justice efforts.  All of the tasks listed above could be done from anywhere in the world and some actually are!   Volunteers work for whatever period of time fits them -- sometimes it's a month or two but more often it's much longer.

We thank God for each of these people.  Their hearts have been touched by the issue of human trafficking and they have taken action. 

What action are you taking?  Have you made changes in how you shop?  Are you having conversations with others about trafficking?  Have you read books and articles or otherwise become more informed about this issue?  Do you donate to an anti-trafficking group?  

If everyone does something to fight human trafficking,  we can push back the darkness of this evil.   If He is nudging you to get involved with Hope4Justice, send us an email and we'll communicate with you about how you might get involved!


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