Survey: "How Many Slaves Work for You?"

Do you unsuspectingly help to perpetuate human trafficking?

Nita Belles, author of In Our Backyard: Human Trafficking In American and What We Can Do To Stop It, says, "We don't mean to and most of us have no idea we're doing it."  Nevertheless, many, if not most of us are contributing to modern slavery.  She explains, "Those of us who understand the prevalence of trafficking in our Western society abhor the idea that we are unintentionally contributing to modern slavery.  But understanding that  we are part of the problem can prompt us to be part of the solution."  

She goes on to say, "Each of us must be willing to utilize the tools we have available to answer the question, 'What is my part in this atrocity and how much am I contributing?' "

Ms. Belles then recommends that we visit the Slavery Footprint website and take the survey, "How Many Slaves Work for You?"  I took this survey several years ago and decided to do it again to refresh my memory.  Oh boy.  My score seemed pretty high.  Embarassingly high.  Higher than I'm comfortable with. 

Ms. Belles reiterates the fact that just being part of Western culture makes us a part of supporting slavery.  So what do we do?  Nita says, "The solution isn't to hibernate and live off the land in the woods.  There are practical things we can do while living in the real world."

She says the first step involves simply becoming aware.  Take the survey to see how you score!  Then ask your spouse, partner, friend, co-worker, or someone else to take it.  Compare your scores then take another step to learn more and take action against trafficking.  As you learn, pray for God to reveal additional action steps you can take in your daily life to fight trafficking.  (FYI - You can get Nita Belles' book, "In Our Backyard" on Amazon.  It's less than $6.00, including shipping, for a used copy.)  

Let us know what steps you take.  We'd love to hear how you are fighting back against this evil.

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